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Wolf Creek Landscape Services LLC FAQ

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions Wolf Creek Landscape Services LLC receives regarding snow and ice management in the greater Grand Rapids, West Michigan and Coopersville areas. We hope that you find them helpful, and encourage you to give us a call if you would like more information or if your question is not covered on this page.

What should I consider when hiring a snow removal business?

The very first thing you should consider is a companies legitimicy and viability. Is the company properly insured? This item should be non- negotiable. If they do not carry the proper insurance or with the appropriate “limits of liability”, they should not be considered. Why? Its not worth the risk. If anything happens while the uninsured or underinsured is on your property, the cost will fall back on you. At a minnimum a legitimate contractor should have: general liability, workers compensation and a COMMERCIAL auto policy. Wolf Creek Landscape Services Llc also carries a snowplowing rider policy as additional protection for our clients. Do not be afraid to ask to see proof of insurance. Any professional contractor will gladly have their insurance company provide you with a certificate of insurance, and it should come from the insurance company, not the individual. If its from the insurance company, you can be assured it is current.

Is the contractor operating within legal paramiters?

All commercial vehicles (including plow trucks) are required by law to have DOT #s and logos or company identification.
It is also important to know how long the company has been in business, or more precisely, how long they have been in the snow and ice management business.  Do they have a proven track record? Can they direct you to other similar properties that they service? You should look for a provider that is knowledgable and keeps current on changes in products, equipment and technology. Do they belong to professional trade associations? These memberships are indicative of a contractors commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in service.

Is the contractor I am considering solvent?

This is critically important! In the event of a prolonged snow event or long winter with above average snow fall, can the contractor “survive” to fullfill the contract with you? Fiscall responsibility demands that a contractor charge the client enough to operate a “sustainable” business and be able to honor and fulfill the contracts he has entered into. Does the price seem “to good to be true”? Low ball or cheap bids will get you in to trouble every time! They simply cannot meet the rising costs of doing business. On the other hand the high bid is not necessarily the answer either. The best value is usually around the midrange of bids.

Does the contractor have the resources to meet my needs?

A major winter storm can change circumstances almost immediately.  Even if your only interested in snow plowing at the beginning of the season, you may find yourself in need of removal or deiceing services. 

Does the contractor your condsidering have those capabilities?

Snow removal businesses in  West Michigan will offer different pricing options, contracts, and use a variety of snow removal equipment. What you should be considering when hiring a snow removal company for your residential or commercial property is whether or not the company is able to meet your needs and your budget.

Do you clear my walks, shovel around the fire hydrant and to the dumpster?

While we do not shovel walks as part of a base contract, it is a service that we provide at an additional cost.
Our crews are taught to be mindfull of fire hydrants and dumpsters. We take care to not pile snow in such a way that would make access to the hydrant more difficult. Most dumpsters are located near the parking or drive areas. While we do not hand shovel around these care is taken to keep them accessible.

What will you do if there are cars in the driveway / parking lot when your snow removal crew comes around?

Vehicles parked in your drive or parking lot might limit the amount of snow that Wolf Creek Landscape Services LLC will be able to clear, but it by no means prevents us from doing our best to remove as much snow as possible. What our snow removal team will do if your driveway or parking lot is obstructed is remove as much snow as possible around the vehicles so that you, your tenants or employees have easy and safe access to their cars when they are ready to move them. Our snow removal team will make note of any property that was not entirely cleared of snow because of obstructions and will return the following night for clean up once the vehicles have been moved.

Do you work around the clock, and on holidays?

Standard operating procedure for Wolf Creek Landscape Services LLC is to plow at night when vehicular and pedestrian traffic are at a minnimum and parking lots and roadways are typically less congested. Insurance companies, both the contractors and yours, favor night time operations due to the reduced liability exposure. Ideally, our trucks will be leaving your site as you are arriving in the morning. This ensures the cleanest site possible.  Snow plowing is reactionary by nature, we cannot plow what has not fallen. That means you will have accumulated snow on your property. The extent of being proactive in snow and ice management is to be in a constant state of readiness. Late snow events push everyones completion back as snow plowing is a routed service.

During prolonged snow events our crews do continue to work in an effort to keep our clients mobile. Daytime snow falls are handled on an individual basis. The lighter accumulations will be left until nightime while during heavy daytime events  our crews will strive to keep drives and roadways open as good as possible. As in any daytime , extended or heavy snow event, our crews will follow up at night for a final and thourough clean up.

The crews at Wolf Creek Landscape Services Llc, will work throughout the holidays, and in most any weather condition to serve our clients. Our snow removal teams will not rest until they are satisfied that every single one of our customers, residential as well as commercial, have clean, safe and snow-free driveways, parking lots, walkways and stairs. We also offer emergency response services, ensuring that no one is stranded should you need to leave your home or work place in a hurry.

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